1. november 2015

Mind Health Matters. Chaplin discloses a life of hectic roller coaster rides and 'black dog' terrors that have formed the painful experiences of her life for more than 20 years. As a diagnosed manic depressive who has a fulfilling and exciting life, Jacqui strongly believes that the more people who are willing to talk openly about their experiences the better. This book takes an inside look at living with mental illness and how taking care of mind health and wellbeing need not preclude living a wonderful, productive and fulfilling life. This candid autobiography serves to support those living with mental illness in two ways. Firstly to know they are not alone. Secondly, that there is hope and a way out of the despair that can accompany mental illness. An uplifting and easy to read companion guide offering mind health and resilience strategies accompanies the book in part two: "Black Dogs, Rollercoasters & Pink Elephants"

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