The Polar Bear system 1: Dangerous & strong!

The Polar Bear system 1: Dangerous & strong!
24. april 2017

The Polar Bear System starts after 1.f4 (the Bird opening) and then fianchetto of the Kings, Bishop. The system is for players who like interesting and original positions.

In many of the variations, the positional themes and plans are of more importance than actual move orders By playing the Polar Bear, we make it difficult for Black to play for a flat equality. I have spent many years developing the Polar Bear System. I know it inside out. Indeed I have turned every stone in the system. Since there is no theory of importance, I had to work hard. I read everything about the Dutch defence and used the ideas with reversed colours. Therefore the theory in this book was mainly created through my games and analysis. I had to select the best ideas. Omitting lines in which I do not believe. Every game and every move have been checked by the chess programs Stockfish and Fritz 13. It will not be easy for the reader to find a tactical mistake in the text. The suggestions are for club players but also professionals can get inspiration. GM Henrik Danielsen

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